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Improve your Forex Trading with the Currency Strength Meter

Imagine having a powerful tool that gives you a real-time overview of the ups and downs of the currency market. A tool that helps you identify the strongest and weakest currencies, spot latest trends and make informed trading decisions. This is exactly what the Currency Strength Meter offers, a tool that our team uses daily to make their own trading decisions.

Forex Indicator

Currency strength is one of the most important metrics in Forex trading. With our online strength meter, you can track live how strong each major currency is at any time.

Data in real time

You can use the "Refresh" button to get the latest data from our partner trading platforms. Our indicator uses the crosses between all major currencies to calculate their values for the last 24 hours.

Works perfectly as a filter

In our practice, we often have doubts about a trading decision and look for further confirmation. When you're unsure, use the strength to confirm your trading decisions - this is where currency strength comes into its own.

Additional tool for your trading

Currencies are traded in pairs, so the strength of individual currency can be measured by correlations. You can see how the strength of one currency compares to other currencies. It shows you where the probability of an up or down trend is high.

What is the Currency Strength Meter?

The Currency Strength Meter is a tool for currency traders that shows the relative strength or weakness of currencies in real time. By comparing the performance of different currency pairs, it helps you identify trending currencies and potential trading opportunities like never before.

The basic trading idea behind the Currency Strength Meter is to "buy a strong currency and sell a weak one". Knowing how the strength indicators change and how they affect the currencies will help you improve your trading results, just as it has helped us.

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, the Currency Strength Meter calculates the value of each currency based on historical data and a range of factors such as supply and demand, interest rates, economic performance, inflation, and trade balance. It then ranks currencies according to their relative strength and gives you a clear visual representation of market trends.

Why should you use it?

The Currency Strength Meter allows you to stay ahead of the market and make informed trading decisions, just like our team. With its help you can:

  • Stay up to date with the latest market conditions
  • Identify trading opportunities by comparing currency strengths
  • Identify strong and weak currencies for strategic buy/sell decisions
  • Improve your trading strategy by combining it with other indicators

Currency strength chart

While the currency strength meter cannot be used as a standalone trading signal as it is calculated based on historical data, it can help you select the right currency pairs to trade, avoid trading against strong trends, filter and confirm trading signals and ultimately improve your overall trading results when combined with other indicators and analysis tools.

Our team has found that the Currency Strength Meter simplifies the process of selecting suitable currency pairs. While at times it is straightforward to identify the currencies you wish to buy or sell and pick the stronger ones, there are instances where discerning the most robust pairs for trading becomes challenging. In these situations, the Currency Strength Meter proves invaluable by highlighting the strongest or weakest currencies aligning with your desired trading strategy.

Experience the power of the Currency Strength Meter

Improve your forex trading strategy with our powerful real-time currency strength meter - the same tool our team relies on daily. Stay ahead of the market, make informed decisions, and achieve consistent trading success. Try our tool today and experience the difference for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Currency strength is a measure of the relative strength of an individual currency. Strength is determined by how well it performs relative to other major currencies.

Strength indicator can be used to identify potential trading opportunities by showing current market conditions. Remember that it is just one tool in your trading toolbox and you should always do your own research and analysis before entering a trade position.

Absolute currency strength refers to the inherent value of a particular currency, independent of other currencies. It is a measure of the strength or weakness of the currency based on factors such as the strength of the issuing country's economy, political stability, and interest rates.
In contrast, the relative strength is a measure of the value of a base currency relative to others. It is a measure of how well a particular currency is performing compared to other currencies in the market. In general, absolute strength is a long-term measure, while relative strength can change rapidly in response to short-term events or market conditions.

Forex strength indicator is designed to show you the best pair. For the exact levels/entry positions you need to use the chart of the pair or other technical indicators.

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